The Crom Comedy Festival is an outlet of the growing Omaha alternative (non-comedy club) comedy scene and a yearly celebration thrown by local comedy collective OK Party ( www.okpartycomedy.com ).  All year we work on bringing different comedians to Nebraska, and have worked with such comedy bigwigs as Doug Benson, Tig Notaro, Neil Hambuger, Judah Friedlander, and The Whitest Kids U Know. Crom Fest is an excuse to bring all of the comedy friends we’ve made from bringing people in and traveling across the U.S. together to celebrate alternative comedy and to showcase how great of a city Omaha is, because Omaha is seriously one of the best places.

Last year’s festival was completely funded out of pocket and was headlined by Ron Funches (NBC’s Undateable/Portlandia/Conan) Sean Patton (Conan/Jimmy Fallon/Comedy Central) Howard Kremer (Who Charted/Jimmy Kimmel/Comedy Central) and Denver’s top comedy crew “The Grawllix”.  The festival featured four shows with 30 comedians from New York, Atlanta, Des Moines, Denver, Omaha, and Los Angeles and was a huge success.  300+ audience members attended the shows at Benson’s finest rock venue, The Waiting Room, and history was made. We did it all ourselves and had the best time.

(Last year’s poster by Jake Fyfe)

We do not do submissions (we are comedians, we understand the process but don’t want to give false hope to anyone) and do this festival for our friends and for the love of comedy and Omaha.  If you are interested in participating you can contact us online, Crom is always solidly booked but there are plenty of other opportunities in Omaha that I’m sure you would also enjoy.  We can become good friends and have good times.  Thanks!  ( www.okpartycomedy.com )

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